breathe in. breathe out. no more. no less.

A spa full of favourite places to touch and feel.

A mindful choice. Finally time. Finally space. Wellness on 4 levels. So, put on your bathrobe. Snuggling up is the motto. There is always a favourite spot available. No haste. Just easy. A place to stretch out and relax. Indoors and outdoors. With a view of the mountains. Sunbathing in the garden. Natural light everywhere. Professional quality massage. A spa hotel with plenty of free space. Found it! Finally!

window bench favourite spot
wellness is everywhere. Especially in nature. We are not a wellness hotel for indoors only. Just stretch out in the light, sit back and relax.
embraced by warmth
85-95 °C

The Finnish sauna for wellbeing. It reduces stress and has many proven health benefits. A visit to the sauna purifies the body and mind.

42 °C
95% humidity

The steam bath sets you free. In many different ways. The moist heat relaxes your muscles and is anti-cramping. It boosts cell metabolism and circulation.

40 – 50 °C

The colour.laconium is a very mild version of the Finnish sauna. The changing coloured light is good for the mind. Sweating purifies and detoxifies the body.

infra-red.sauna + sole
45 °C

In the infra-red.sauna, pleasant lighting and warmth providesoothing relaxation.

85-95 °C

Our log cabin in the forest has been there for over 40 years. And, as always, the forest.sauna is the absolute classic and very popular. The Finnish sauna is heated with wood. The wood provides a special kind of warmth.

60 °C
55 % humidity

The log cabin in the forest is also an alternative to the hot, Finnish sauna. The forest.sanarium is the milder version, and its pine scent enables comfortable breathing.

Dive into the natural pure spring water.

Float around in the springwater.pool.

A round pool. Representing the circle of life. Moving in the water. In special water. In our spring water. Many loungers with thick cushions and a view of the outside. Of the village, the church tower, the mountains. A place to stretch out and relax.

from a real healing spring

Our spring is bubbling. For over a century. And it provides us with valuable minerals. From the depths of the Gailtal Alps. It provides us with the most valuable. With spring water. And you can bathe in it.

Outdoor spa. The wellness area is more than a building.

Set back peacefully at the edge of the forest. Above the small village of St Daniel. Kissed by the sun and gently embraced by nature. Located at the perfect place. Flower meadows, herb and flower garden, permaculture garden, ♥ trees and mixed forest. Spring meadows and streams and a very special place right in the centre.

forest.sauna.evening for two.

Our forest.sauna is very special. Have you already been there? During the day, it is open to all our guests. In the evenings, you can make an exclusive booking for our log cabin in the forest. Candlelight. Forest scent. The crackling in the oven and a few small surprises.

the forest.sauna package for two

The extra portion of relaxation.

Expert hands, precious products. A professional quality massage.

What a feeling! Trained, careful hands and the power of local herbs. A fine selection of massages and treatments. Effective. Energising. For regeneration and wellbeing. You have the choice. Plus bright treatment rooms with a homely feel.