For a first impression. For your mental imagery. Ready, set, action.

A pictures says more than 1,000 words. Have you heard of that? Maybe that’s a bit over the top. But it is the case. That's why it's here - the uncommented To the favourite spots. Indoors and outdoors. It does make you feel good. Looking forward to something or bringing back memories. Simply the atmosphere, the laughter and the smell of fresh bread, herbs and good food - you can only find all that here. In real and analogue form.

Footbridge into a pond surrounded by trees
Couple in bathrobes in front of a wooden hut in the forest
Person on a jetty surrounded by water from above
Woman sitting on a couch and reading
Woman in a bathrobe sits in the relaxation room and drinks tea
Cosy armchairs, shelves and a reading lamp
Indoor pool with dome-shaped roof
Woman in bathrobe goes outside through wooden door
Relaxation room with large beds
Woman lying in a sauna
Masseuse giving a massage
Large table, a few books on it, more books on the wall
Upholstered window sills
Woman in a bathrobe lies on a lounger and reads
Woman in a bathrobe reads in a small notebook
Sitting area with colourful cushions
Stuffed yellow courgettes decorated with red sauce
Artfully arranged organic dish
Breakfast table with one person sitting at it
Organic food from above on a wooden table
Organic vegetable dish and celery stalks from above
Salad in a glass, spread, behind it a person with a piece of bread
Roast potatoes with herbs in a pan
Apricot dumpling on a plate is cut up with a fork
Artfully arranged organic dish
Sliced loaf of bread, in the background a slice is being ordered
Three bowls with three scoops of ice cream in each
Full breakfast table with a person sitting at it with a cup in their hand
Piece of apricot cake on a plate, icing sugar drizzled on top
Stuffed round courgettes decorated on a plate
Woman watering plants in vegetable garden
Oxymel drink in a preserving jar
Couple playing a board game
Two people are standing at the hotel reception
Room with a large table in the centre
Tables in the restaurant in front of panoramic windows
Part of a bookshelf and a wall with the inscription
Tables in the hotel restaurant
Woman sitting by the fireplace reading a book
Empty room with large ceiling lamps
Exterior view of Hotel Daberer surrounded by trees
Couple on a large wooden lounger in the garden
Tables on a terrace in atmospheric light
Two people eating at a table in front of a mountainous landscape
Man on a mountain peak surrounded by other peaks
Two people from above lying on the lakeshore
Sign with hiking trails, two hikers in the background
Terrace and pavilion in an autumn landscape
Woman sitting on a wooden bridge
Flowering meadow and trees
Woman doing yoga in a snowy landscape
Two hikers on a mountain path
Turnips lined up on a wooden table, one hand holding one of them
The Daberer philosophy.
More than an organic hotel.