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small steps towards greater wellbeing.

Gentle relaxation and finally peace and quiet With wonderful oils from here. Skilful massage techniques. Expert hands. In treatment rooms with a homely feel. Our offer of massages and treatments have been selected carefully.

Expert hands, precious products. Mindful, effective and genuine.

Classic massages. Therapeutic treatments. Cosmetic treatments or a gentle pampering programme. Enjoy a treatment for a perfect daberer.holiday. An extra plus for your holiday relaxation. And we know what we’re talking about. 😉

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Treatments à la daberer

These treatments are special. Tailored to your needs With natural products. With solid knowledge. Will skilful touch. Just unwind.

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50 Min.
95.00 Euro

In the course of our lives, our body fascia changes due to an excessively acidic diet, one-sided exercise stereotypes, incorrect training and excessive stress. These changes are resolved through in-depth manual treatment. This is done with transverse massages, trigger point solutions, crosstaping and targeted fascia exercises. The treatment relieves pain and promotes movement. 

80 Min.
143.00 Euro

Based on a comprehensive body check, tense tissue structures are relieved in a targeted manner through gentle, manual release of the fasciae. The spine and joints are mobilized and movement is expanded. Based on the scientific principles of fascia physiotherapy according to Gabriele Kiesling, you will experience pain relief and be encouraged to help yourself. This gives you new resilience. 

The deep treatment with twisting and stretching positions, as well as the release of the corresponding foot reflex zones, gives you a noticeable relaxation and deepening of your breathing. Short impulses with hot compresses as well as thyme and herbal aromas ensure that you can breathe freely. 

This treatment technique is very gentle and includes elements of lymph activation and reflexology. This contributes to relaxation, detoxification, decongestion, stress reduction and hormone balance. Holistic - stress reduction - inner peace

Honey is applied along the spine and massaged vigorously into the back. Your back muscles are then loosened with classic massage techniques. You relax with a warm beeswax pack for the back. 

50 Min.
95.00 Euro

Myofascial overstrained muscles react with the formation of maximum points. These are trigger points. With specialist knowledge and targeted treatment techniques, these are identified and released. The muscles can then move better in their surrounding fascia. Pain can then subside permanently. Your joints are effectively relieved.

Strained and painful joints or muscles, e.g. shoulders, back or neck, are supported with tapes. This provides relief and alleviation and makes movement easier. 

Let your thoughts come to rest - the treatment supports mental relaxation. A gentle massage technique with therapeutic oils for the face, neck and head right to the ends of the hair. Come with dry hair and plan to wash your hair afterwards. 

Flowing strokes and stretches circulate your muscle tissue and blockages are released. This gentle massage technique stimulates your energy flow and reduces stress. Traditionally, the massage was performed to release old structures and to be able to turn to a new task in a revitalized state. Come with dry hair and plan to wash your hair afterwards.

Gentle exfoliation, warm fragrant oil. With a gentle rhythm your whole body is pampered and relaxed. 

Weightless in a heated waterbed - relieves tension and alleviates pain. Ideal in combination with a massage. 

Weightless in a heated waterbed - relieves tension and alleviates pain. Ideal in combination with a massage. 

Once is good. Three times is better and more effective. That's why our Moor or Heublume packs are available at a special triple price.

Alkaline mineral salt removes toxins from the skin and lime blossom oil nourishes and protects the skin. 

Hay flowers from the Mussen, a mountain meadow full of healing flowers and herbs. The moist warmth and active ingredients activate the liver's metabolic processes. Resting time 30 to
60 minutes. 

50 Min.
92.00 Euro

The classic full-body or partial body massage is wonderful for general relaxation and regeneration. Painful muscle cramps are relieved and musculoskeletal complaints are counteracted. Choose your favorite oil, tell us about your wishes and needs. 

50 Min.
92.00 Euro

Many physical complaints are transferred to our feet and appear there as reflex zones. Almost all body parts and organs can be found on the foot like on a map and are treated with specialist knowledge. You can feel relief and a change of mood. 

50 Min.
92.00 Euro

The lymph flow is supported with gentle pressure and flat strokes. The massage is particularly recommended for heavy legs, cellulite, as a follow-up treatment for colds and during alkaline fasting.

50 Min.
92.00 Euro

Mild and gentle relaxation treatment while lying down or sitting with lovingly prepared and precious oils from our herbal expert. Lime blossom oil and rose blossom oil relieve tension and nourish the skin and soul. 

Short facial treatment with individually tailored natural products, cleansing, peeling, pressure point massage and and harmonious final care plus manicure without polish.

Mammamia massage (20 min.) and care (80 min.) and our soon-to-be-mommy box in your room.

Manicure for well-groomed hands - cuticle removal, trimming and nail care, hand massage or nail polish or nail care oil.

Pedicure for well-groomed feet - foot bath, removal of calluses and cuticles, shortening and care of the nails and final nail polish or foot massage.

Ideal for all skin types. After an individual skin analysis, this treatment includes exfoliation, steam, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, facial massage and individual care to finish. This gives you a fresh, clear complexion and a visibly more even complexion.

Cleansing and revitalizing care with a relaxing massage of the head, face, neck and arms. This treatment relieves stress and tension and leaves your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

The large classic facial treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to treat themselves to lasting relaxation and care. The treatment begins with a head massage and arm stretching to set the mood and relax. After a subsequent skin analysis, this treatment includes warm and cool compresses, a nourishing mask, lymph stimulation, a décolleté massage, intensive care with plant ampoules and a finishing treatment. This treatment with active plant ingredients ensures optimal regeneration of the skin.

It doesn't always have to take a long time. This short, cleansing and nourishing pampering treatment is ideal for a radiant and fresh complexion. After a refreshing compress, the skin is cleansed. The refreshing mask, including a facial massage with cool stones, rounds off the treatment.

After a skin analysis, this treatment for stressed, tired or mature skin includes steam, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, lifting mask, active ingredient ampoules and décolleté care. A soothing massage for the face and décolleté rounds off the treatment.

50 Min.
97.00 Euro

In the faszien.raum, we work with you to develop individual instructions for your independent training. You can then use the room independently for the duration of your stay
and benefit from the continuity of the exercises. 10 to 20 minutes a day is all you need. Exercising on flexible surfaces improves your body coordination and supports your balance. The result is healthy posture and pain-free movement. Individual training 25 min. Group training 2-3 persons 50 min.

Please note that the availability of cosmetic treatments is limited. With skilful touch. The prices indicated are valid until 24.11.2024.

Upholstered massage tables
Timeout, that you deserve
Our treatments are varied and effective. It’s time to breathe. Time to feel your body and soul. Time for yourself. Wellness exclusive. Do something good for yourself.

forest.sauna.evening for two.

Our forest.sauna is very special. Have you already been there? During the day, it is open to all our guests. In the evenings, you can make an exclusive booking for our log cabin in the forest. Candlelight. Forest scent. The crackling in the oven and a few small surprises.

the forest.sauna enquiry
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Fresh, clear air. In the mountains. At the Daberer.
Team holiday package or Team personal offer? Both are great ideas!