The Daberer is looking for you, employment that makes you happy and gives you meaning

#hotelwiththebird … is looking for people who want to work with us in this astonishing location to offer people a great place to be. A good offer for everybody involved. For guests, for employees, for the family, as well as for the environment, the region and generations to come. That's what gives our work meaning. And that's why we love to work here.  

We are 44 employees in total. Our talents are diverse. As are our areas of responsibility. The team spirit is wonderful. We work, we laugh. We are delighted our guests are so happy. We love the incredibly positive feedback we receive. We develop. Steadily, always. There's no such thing as standing still. Sounds exciting. You'll think so, too. Go ahead and apply. We can't wait to hear from you and tell you more about the #hotelwiththebird. 

You can join us immediately as a 


Your post. Your workplace. Our profit. You are a preparer, marinator, herbalist and/or spice connoisseur, steadfast organizer and creative recipe writer. 

Du bist Qualitätsbewusst, Genussliebhaber und in der Welt der besten Lebensmittel zuhause. Du verzauberst unsere Gäste mit deinen Kochkünsten und arbeitest gerne im Team. Das kü wartet auf dich!

When it shines, it makes you happy. You are the secret kitchen magician of our tools. Looker and way-maker. Preparer and routinizer. Quite simply: the indispensable good soul of our kitchen. 


You are an organizational talent, a food connoisseur, a wine recommender - simply an all-round talent in the restaurant. Slow Food is also still a concept to you - a smooth flow with the team and the kitchen makes you happy. For a smile of our guests.

Du bist "der frühe Vogel" im Haus. Dein Talent für unserühstück. Du arbeitest mit den besten Lebensmitteln. Unseren Gästen zauberst du mit deinen Kaffeekünsten das Lächeln ins Gesicht. In der Küche fühlst du dich wohl, ebenso im Restaurant. Und so gehört der Tag dir, jedesmal aufs Neue. 

You're a listener, a quick thinker, a co-thinker, a multitasker, a sprinter, a like-to-eat-and-try, a skill master. Our guests come to enjoy. Together with your colleagues, you make it possible. Even as a career changer.


You are a well-being manager and hygiene expert, team worker and the good soul in the rooms. Nothing escapes your eyes and you are proud of it. Sparkling clean is your favorite result and you shine like the sun.

Please send your job application and your cv to

Your position is not advertised here? We still look forward to receiving your application. This is how some of our valuable employees came to us. Maybe you are the one who is missing in our team!

We look forward to hearing from you. Christian Daberer can be reached at 0043 4718 590 or

"Our work is diverse and interesting. Something you can invest yourself in completely. Working together to make improvements. Continuing to develop personally. Which makes every day something special. And very exciting."

Bianca, team.leader at the reception

FaQs about working at the Daberer

Living space is available in the - right next to the hotel. We stopped. One minute's walk. In 2014 we renovated a 200-year-old farmhouse according to ecological principles. Completely in the sense of the local picture preservation. It would have been a real shame to lose this beautiful building. Today, the beautiful house offers eleven high-quality accommodation units with private bathrooms, internet and TV (of course) for the There is room for apprentices and for employees from further away.

To ensure that our employees want for nothing, we build in 2022 another employee house with a kitchen and café and additional living units for our

You are at the source. Fresh, high-quality organic food is processed in our kitchen. Not only for our guests - also for our employees. Same cuisine. Same quality. How could it be otherwise.

We are 44. From 16 to 56 years. From apprentices to longtime employees. Mixed but basically a young, dynamic team. Divided into 6 departments. These are reception, spa, kitchen, restaurant, etage and house technology.

But of course! We are happy to pass on our knowledge and always train apprentices. In the kitchen, in the service and at the reception. The apprenticeships are cook, restaurant specialist and hotel and hospitality assistant. We gladly support apprenticeship with Matura.

The open positions are listed here on the page below. It's best to send your application by e-mail right away. Not looking for your dream job right now? That should not be a hurdle. Unsolicited applications are always welcome. And many people here owe their job to such an application. So don't hesitate, write straight away to

There is the This is our program for the daberer.employees. There are professional trainings in the team and beyond, regional exploration tours, exercise offers and joint excursions. To strengthen the togetherness and to develop themselves further. We create special experiences for our guests every day. As a team. We all really enjoy this and it motivates us. And so we also laugh together. A job that makes sense. Sharing the good life. From people for people.

Because it makes sense! Because the daberer is a good place - for our employees, for our guests, for us as a family, for our suppliers and producers and for the nature and region around us. Because we stand for sustainability, quality, authenticity and innovation. And not just since these values have appeared in all company profiles. These are themes that have accompanied us for over 40 years and are anchored in our corporate culture. In our dealings with each other, appreciation, laughter and joy as well as a good and motivating team spirit are important to us. All this contributes to a good, healthy workplace that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Benefits for you and everyone else in the

onboarding . professional training

slow food travel workshops for you

a job that makes sense in a family-run house

morning.noon.evening 3x daily enjoy for you antrieb . learn together

fitness und use . all inclusive

Discount on massage and cosmetic treatments in the

further education . over and over again but just free of charge for you

Bikes, e-bikes and Slow Food e-scooters for rent

Discount on all products in our store schöne.dinge

Discount on daberer.holidays of close relatives

varied and exciting work in the most beautiful place

high quality, partly provided, comfortable work clothes

permanent employment contract in year-round hotel

accommodation in a single room in the staff house badwirt or in the newly built and superbly furnished staff house, each with its own kitchen, team room and garden

Discounts in recreational facilities in the area