conscious of the "how" and "where from".​ out of enthusiasm for all things good.​

Because we are foodies from our very core. Cooking is a passion for us, and it has been for more than 40 years. Organic, naturally. Our cuisine is colorful. Delicious and always fresh. We are attentive to what each season has to give us. Much, we make ourselves. Taking summer and autumn with us into winter. We ferment and preserve. Each dish is a work of art. The flavors from right here, with two constants you can always count on. Slow Food and organic. Morning. Midday and evening. 

Always delectably new forms of culinary enjoyment.  The freshest products. Organic. Regional and seasonal. Resulting in the most refined dishes imaginable. Morning. Midday. Evening. Thanks to daberer.culinary.enjoyment.

This is daberer.​culinary.​enjoyment

Our awaits. Marvelous products from the world's first Slow Food Travel Region. Cheese made from raw milk, farmhouse butter, natural sourdough bread, handmade breakfast rolls, honey, bacon, sausage, eggs, homemade vegetarian and vegan spreads, jams. Home-baked breads. Fragrant cinnamon rolls and cakes. Green & fruity smoothies. A warm, vegan breakfast of grains such as Gailtal couscous, along with many, many, many other wonderful organic products such as juices, cereals, yogurts, fruit, vegetables,… - we suggest simply taking your time. After all, it's not about quantity. What matters is quality and taste.

Our lunch table for you. A salad buffet that is very different from the rest. Here as elsewhere, we don't believe in quantity. We believe in quality and flavor. That's why we would prefer to set out a few bowls less on occasion, in exchange for freshness and being able to prepare everything ourselves. A buffet doesn't get any better by going in every conceivable direction and leaving way too much over in the end. Food is too valuable simply to throw away. So, help yourself but take your time. Allow your taste buds to jump somersaults. You will find, for example, marvelous seasonal grain salads, wonderfully diverse potato salads. And let's not forget our home-fermented vegetables. And in the midst of it all, a big bowl of green salad. Accompanied by fresh bread, homemade spreads, butter and a warm daily special in keeping with the season.

Dinner is served. Each of the four seasons conjures up different flavors. Conjures up? Indeed. ;-) With a little help from our culinary team. The changing seasons and region serve as a magical foundation. For you the result is a menu that allows for various combinations. You choose and compose the menu that appeals the most. A vegetarian menu. A combination of meat or fish. With or without soup. With a small course in between or not. You get to decide. Every day anew. And in conclusion, always pondering ripened or sweet. Raw-milk cheese or homemade ice cream? The choice isn't always easy. When in doubt, both. Your heart beats vegan. Simply let us know when you place your booking. We also do that well and gladly.

When selecting our foods, we use healthy commonsense 

And that leads us almost exclusively to organic-certified products. And because close inspection is a good thing and increases trust, we are happy to let others look over our shoulders. Several times a year - by appointment or unannounced - representatives from Austria Bio Garantie. Read more about our credo for selecting organic products here.

Good food should be celebrated. Oven-fresh bread. Butter straight from the farmer. Our own trout. Palate-pleasers. The flavor of a philosophy and a region that, with good reason, is known as the "most delicious corner of Carinthia". 

With the twitter of birds and chirruping of crickets

Bringing the outside in. The broad picture windows give you the feeling of being outside even on bone-chilling January days, when you sit down at the breakfast table indoors and gaze out at the snowy world just a few meters away. A half-year later and what greater joy than taking a seat on the terrace on one of those balmy summer evenings. Surrounded by fragrant herbs and the mild evening air of Gailtal. At that point, you will never want to get up from the table again. You undoubtedly know the feeling, too – those summer evenings when you would love to shout out, time stand still. That said … a Slow Food Breakfast on the daberer.terrrace definitely has its merits as well. ;-) 

Back indoors, wonderfully beautiful yet comfortable chairs. Fine fabrics. Big windows. Not a vast hall. A blue and green dining room. And a middle area with a sense of even greater privacy. And then, as we have mentioned, looking out through the windows. Or sitting outside and looking in. You will certainly not get your fill of what your eyes have to see. Not least thanks to our


Our house is closed until May 8, 2020. Our reception operates if possible. We process your emails and inquiries. It just takes a little longer than usual.

In order to give you planning security for your summer bookings, we have changed our cancellation policy and are now offering free, short-term cancellations.

See you soon at daberer

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