Philosophy for a beautiful life.​ Recognize and preserve all that is good.​

It is a question of values. And of passion. Consciously doing what's right for people and for nature. Undogmatic. Authentic. Because the best concept is your own conviction.

Organic approaches and a clear awareness for nature have been integral to who we are for decades. After all, we have been an organic-certified hotel for over 40 years now. Yes, you heard right! Since 1978. That's how long it has been since Inge and Willi Daberer transformed Heilbad Sankt Daniel into Biopension Daberer. And despite this long history, we haven't gathered any dust. The spirit of the times, innovation and the courage to embrace what's new – all of this is as much a part of the daberer and the Daberer Family as the constant striving for all that is good.

"My grandfather was a pioneer in the village. He ran a farm, a sawmill and electric plant and, as of 1928, a small hotel business. It is from him that I inherit the passion to rethink and constantly develop things. With the undying support and contribution of my whole family."

Senior Owner Willi Daberer

daberer.​values that we live and love.​ Within our own family and within our team.​

Only one thing truly matters!
You know what, we love to keep things genuine. No doubt you do, too! We love it when people invest heart and soul in what they do. We create an offer from people for people. A hotel and a holiday feeling with character – just like people themselves. How wonderful, then, that the shares our opinion. Because appreciation, authenticity and team spirit are as much a part of our daberer.values as quality, sustainability, health and innovation. And then there is the sense of lightness. Of joie de vivre. It's always there. Because doing something with joy makes every day more vibrant and more colorful. 

... talking of color 
If that wasn't a perfect segue. ;-) The heart of the organic philosophy of the daberer is our cuisine, our ingredients, the way we cook and, of course, the meals we produce. Pure enjoyment stands at the forefront. For the fresh, seasonal and occasionally cheeky dishes that make up our daberer.culinary.enjoyment, as well as our daberer.detox.base.fasting. Cooking is a craft. We make many things ourselves. From spreads to cakes. Even the ice cream is homemade, while our bread isn't some pre-packaged product, but right out of our very own bakery. 

And then our suppliers come into play.
As an organic hotel, we buy organic products essentially from three different sources. First, we have our regional organic products - those are our absolute favorites. Then come products from our broader Alps-Adriatic region - and because artificial international borders don't make much sense to us, that includes Austria, but also nearby Friuli-Giulia-Venezia as well as Slovenia. And then we source various organic products from here and there, adding even greater color and diversity to our food basket.  

We have close ties to the season as well as the region.
We see it as our duty to keep the revenue we generate right here in wonderful Gailtal – the valley itself needs it and we, as a hotel, need a vibrant valley. A win-win situation in our minds. That's why only a very few regional, non-organic-certified products every make it into our kitchen. And only then, if we know the people and their production methods personally and can personally stand behind their practices. Clearly labeled for you as our guests, of course, so that you are in no doubts about the origin. That notwithstanding, we are huge champions of organic production. And we are constantly working to convince these micro producers to obtain organic certification. With success. Sometimes it just takes a while, with really good cooperation as the foundation. As we all know, Rome wasn't built in a day. ;-) 

Slow Food Convivium Alpe Adria.
Marianne Daberer is a founding member. Because we also think beyond the Carinthian peaks which surround us. We serve lots of vegetables, dispensing with side dishes intended merely to fill. Through wild herbs, we bring new aromas into play. Accompanied by our own fresh spring water or fine wines from nearby wineries.