A good place to arrive. To return. Time and again. What makes it so special? The people. The quality. The conviction. The nature. The tranquility. The atmosphere.

Family establishment with a smile, because the best concept is your own conviction

An organic hotel amid nature. In Gailtal. In the most delectable part of Carinthia. In the south of Austria. In the world's first Slow Food Travel Region. This is where the daberer lies. the organic hotel. No road runs by. No noise. No needless stress. An organic hotel for decades! Out of conviction. Not because it's fashionable. Because an organic hotel is about far more than good food products. It's about how we build, how we live, how we enjoy. A place of heart and power. Countless favorite places in the nature.spa, in the rooms, in the restaurant &&&. The organic cuisine truly is green. Light, seasonal and rooted in the region. A hotel for peace & quiet, regeneration and wellness. With space, heart and passion. Not hip. Not frivolous. Just good, pure and simple.


It has to be genuine. An attitude to life. We love to give. Inspiration. Sincerity. Well-being. With a focus on enjoyment. Though also attentiveness, fairness and quality.



A stylish mix. Natural materials understand one another. Each room a piece of holiday. Comfort. Colors. Fabrics and furnishings. Modestly elegant, natural style. A hotel as home-away-from-home. 



A natural backdrop to be lazy, stroll or be active. The best location to slow down the pace, lean back and take a deep breath. Sunny, unobstructed, with views of the valley and mountains. 


"The bird is like us. It represents wonderful 'different-ness'. Thinking outside the box. Closeness to nature. And lightness. Out of pure conviction. And because it makes sense precisely in that form."

Marianne Daberer

Straight, clear lines, art between them, atmosphere everywhere

Organic taken to a new level

Everything is linear. Clear forms, bold colors. The daberer is an organic hotel in Austria that embraces nature. A hotel in the very midst of nature. Nature is brought into the house itself. The woods, the clay, the linens. Because the Daberers define an organic hotel as so much more. History and future. For the good life. 

Thinking beyond

Because an organic hotel also stands for organic construction. Sustainability only functions if it is well-rounded. Well-rounded, embraced, lived, not just conceived. From building methods to lifestyle, enjoyment and relaxation in the wellness area.