A hotel as home.​ Arrive.​ There is always someone there.​

A house with many favorite places. It begins from the time you arrive. When your feet rest on the carpet. Roaming. Through the living room. Fireplace. Sofa or easy chair. Magazine or newspaper. A game or book from the syllable.salon. Arrive, chat, browse. Or simply gaze on one of the many artworks. Coziness in abundance. Colors. Soft materials. Wood. Landscapes within the house. Very different rooms. As diverse in character as the woods. The fragrances of bread and of the breath of the wood itself.  

Looking in the right direction.​ The south.​ Scenery, vistas and mountain views

And the view? It always leads to the outdoors. Into nature. Pure delectation in the restaurant. Colorful organic cuisine in combination with the region, simultaneously open to new discoveries. Palate-pleasers. You taste the happiness. Skillful hands in the nature.spa. Soothing touches for the skin and soul. A soft spa robe. Stretching towards the light during yoga in the yoga.room. Ambling down a meandering pathway to the forest.sauna and from there to the forest.pond. Should you dare to jump into the cool, wet water? 

"Absolutely amazing opportunities for personal retreats. Anyone who doesn't find their own favorite place, only has themselves to blame."

a daberer.guest in autumn 2021

Much more than a hotel.​ An oasis of comfort for forward-thinking.​

Naturally soothing fragrances waft through the air. Wood. Herbs. Bread. So as to lose none of that, we are totally smoke-free. Also on the balconies and terraces. Clear and linear – that's how we build at the daberer. Our organic hotel is completely south-facing and extends its arms out towards the sun. Sun-kissed, so to speak.  

Develop awareness for natural resources, use them cleverly and efficiently. How do we do that? Our building approach is known as bioclimatic, passively exploiting the sun's energy by means of many glass surfaces facing south. Add to that a photovoltaic system in combination with pellet heating. For warm water and heating. The electric comes from our eco power providers. And best of all! We literally sit on the wellspring. Every drop, from the tap or in the pool, comes from our own spring water. Pure and rich in minerals.