Mountains of opportunities, in the valley, on the peaks, in greener seasons and white

In Austria. In Carinthia. In the most delicious corner of the province. In the world's first Slow Food Travel Region. Where tourism is quieter and more leisurely. Where you are not constantly standing on everybody else's toes. That is where it lies - the daberer. A wonderful place. An ideal base camp for so many discoveries. Even if it is really, really beautiful on the inside. Nature simply draws you outdoors. In summer as well as winter. In springtime as well as autumn.   

The outdoor activities are many and varied. Gentle and sedate. Challenging and sweat-inducing. In the mountains. By bicycle. In the forest. On snowshoes. Nature shows itself through the passing seasons. In ways big and small. And then there are the people. A special breed indeed. They love to give and share. The best food producers invite you to peek over their shoulders as they work their magic. Participate in cooking.workshops. Learn where all that goodness comes from. The toughest part is deciding where to begin. 


The Carnic Alps in the south, the Gailtal Alps to the north, the Dolomites in the west. Hikes with a full range of difficulty.

More Summer Activities

Cycling, mountain biking, running, fly fishing, horseback riding, canyoning... Here are our favorite activities close to the daberer.


Hoch hinaus geht es in der neuen Kletterhalle Kle-Sch in St. Daniel. Klettern, Bouldern, Bogenschießen. Die Freizeit-Anlage hat viel mehr zu bieten.

Cross-Country Skiing

Flat and leisurely, riding along on cross-country skis next to the River Gail. Or to a cross-country mecca. Willi Daberer is our cross-country expert and coach.

Alpine Skiing

Do you know the Nassfeld? Carinthia’s biggest ski area. Spacious, with snows you can count on. Within convenient reach of us thanks to a free ski bus.

More Winter Activities

Snowshoeing, sledding, winter hikes, skiing, ice skating … we have put together for you our favorite winter activities in the snow.

Families and Children

You are spending holidays with your children. Valuable time together. A family vacation. We have kids of our own and have put together some great tips for you.


On the same course where senior owner Willi Daberer and junior owner Christian Daberer play – the broad-ranging Nassfeld golf course – you, as our guest, benefit from discounted fees.

Excursions and Culture

Some of the most beautiful excursion destinations lie close to the daberer. Here we have compiled a few highlights along with the time it takes to get there.