The best location, the most beautiful setting. Yet a valley hideaway in peaceful Gailtal

Slow down, take your foot off the gas. Lean back and inhale. This is the motto of Biohotel Daberer. On the forest's edge above St. Daniel, a village of 200 people in Gailtal in western Carinthia. That is to say, the best location. Sunny and unobstructed. Deliciously removed. The only road that leads to us is our own hotel driveway. Which leaves a wonderful 24,000 m² in the daberer.nature.resort just for our guests. To be lazy, stroll, enjoy and explore. With views that always look southwards - towards the Carnic Alps and the broad Gailtal. 

Meadows. Soft grass beneath your toes. Herbs and flower gardens. A garden that restores harmony to your soul. Forests and small streams. Small bridges and swinging beds. Always in search of your favorite outdoor place. Between wild herbs and lavender in bloom. Nature is everywhere.  

Nature makes the most beautiful music.​ Summer and winter.​ Spring and autumn.​

Vibrant green. Head outdoors. To the forest.pond. For refreshment in summer. For wonder in winter, to take a deep breath and let it all out again. Rays of sunshine. Trees that cast shadows. The sky, radiant. Clear water and pure lightness. A swim dock. A raft (our version of an SUP). A barefoot path. Trout ponds and a footpath out to the spring.  

All in all, the perfect base camp to find peace and withdraw, though also to explore. In the world's first Slow Food Travel Region and simultaneously the most delectable corner of Carinthia. First glances at the illuminating Gailtal map. Following the routes with your finger. Finding addresses and discovering excursion destinations. To each his or her own. To take home later. Not in your suitcase. In your head.

"I love this place, the people, the work. My own precious jewel is the spring – the fresh, clear water. A quiet chat, a stroll through the hotel, eating a good meal together. I find inspiration and strength in the nature which surrounds the hotel. I look forward to your visit!"

Inge Daberer, Senior Owner