Treasures in the glass, from the source

From the depths of the Gailtal Alps. Rich in healing minerals. The spring was there long before the daberer came. Water from our own spring. What luxury! From every tap in the house. From every fountain. In the spring.swimming.pool you will be floating in it. Search for the origin of our treasure. Behind the house, a footpath leads to the spring. 

"What I personally like to drink with and after my meal? Loncium beer, natural wine, and afterwards a genuine gentian schnapps. The beverage selection at the daberer is my passion and my area of expertise. Classical to daring. Feel free to ask me. I am happy to share my advice, and would love nothing more than to surprise and excite you." 

Christian Daberer

On the theme of water 

Also Christian Daberer drinks water. Preferably with wine. Wine from small, exciting organic wine growers. With an unerring nose and passion, he is always hunting for new discoveries. Our wine list is a journey through the Alps-Adriatic region. Natural wines. Orange wines. Though predominantly organic wines. A very special selection for wine lovers. A small side note for you: How fortunate for us that Marianne's husband, in other words Christian's brother-in-law, runs the Edelgreisslerei in nearby Kötschach-Mauthen. A wonderful treasure trove of rare gems and undiscovered, innovative organic vintners.

Virtually all organic juices come from small producers, naturally 

The tea from Kräuterdorf Irschen, Lesachtal and from Sonnentor. Beer from the Kötschach-Mauthner Loncium Brewery. Coffee from a wonderful organic line produced by Helmut and Christian Thurner. A naturally pure apple juice with fruit from wonderful meadow orchards. Many of the syrups and juices we make ourselves. Kombucha has captured our attention especially. You should try it. Not as a thirst-quencher, but as a companion to your meal. After all, it doesn't always have to be the obligatory glass of wine. One evening can also be celebrated alcohol-free. Or two, or even your whole holiday, if you prefer. Give it a try!