At the daberer, people are guests of people.​ 

That's what it's all about. People who look you straight in the eye. A warm smile. A firm handshake. A modicum of self-confidence. We always look to our team. If they are doing good, they're radiant and so are we. Humanness. Authenticity. Always open for something new. Hospitality and sincerity. With rough edges and minds of their own. Something that makes each individual, guest or employee, so wonderful. We at Biohotel Daberer love and live what we do. 

daberer family

4 generations have made the daberer what it is today. A landing place for guests, for employees and for the family itself.


And what would the hotel be without the 44 employees whose complete dedication guarantees special holiday moments for guests every single day.


jobs at the daberer

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Family life for 4 generations

The hotel is our home. For our talents, but also for us as the Daberer family. We have grown with this house. It all began in 1928 when Thomas Daberer bought the springs and founded Heilbad St. Daniel. At a time when spa holidays were still in their infancy. Carla Daberer and her sister-in-law continued the business of the father-in-law. The current senior owners – Inge and Willi Daberer – took over in 1978. Turning it into an organic guesthouse. Out of a sense of curiosity and personal interest. And because the next generation was already tapping on the door. A story of passion, in other words. with Willi Daberer building and Inge Daberer cooking. 

And so it is that organic foods made their entry into the kitchen. And despite the initial skepticism of the locals, guests actually do get something good to eat, not just a plate full of "rabbit food". The house and the organic philosophy grow slowly but surely, as does the family itself. Of the four children – Marianne, Christian, Fabiane and Clemens – two eventually return after their apprenticeships to the daberer. Marianne and Christian. Each finds their own place befitting their passions, talents and interests. Together, they continue to lead and develop the hotel and all it has to offer. In every detail. For even greater quality. More regionality. And more nature. 

44 daberer.​holiday.​architects.​ All for one 

But a hotel is more than the family behind it. A hotel is also people teeming in and out. And of those, the most important are our employees. Without them we could offer nothing. A strong team that never ceases to develop and grow. Dedication. A clear sense of teamwork. Friendliness. Laughter. Obliging and charming. A top team, pure and simple. Yet always laid-back. Never stiff. Uncomplicated, Totally in keeping with who we are. Genuine people with a sensitive heart. Many come from the immediate area and know the region like their own back pockets. Our talented crew are hard to describe. Meet them for yourself! Then you'll know what we are talking about. 

And because we are incredibly proud of our unbeatable, we are constantly working to ensure them a valuable year-round job that they appreciate and love. That's also we offer that includes training, professional development and group activities. Isn't it wonderful when laughing, cheerful people are able to work at a place that has a sense of meaning. We could rave about these people forever. But why don't we let the pictures do the talking instead. About their daily routines, their work, and what they get up to in their free time. 

Wohnen wie im Hotel

Das wohnt nur 2 Minuten Fußweg vom Hotel entfernt. Im neuen daberer.teamhaus und im renovierten Mitarbeiterhaus Badwirt. Das neue Teamhaus wurde im Juli 2022 fertiggestellt. Es besteht aus 1 Team-Cafè und ganzen 10 Miniapartments im 1. und 2. Obergeschoss. Alle Apartments sind komplett neu eingerichtet und möbliert. Die qualitative und funktionale Einrichtung sowie das optisch ansprechende Design sind ein wahres Highlight in jedem Wohnraum. 

Die Apartments sind mit einer offenen Design-Küchenbox, einem hochwertigen Bett für guten Schlafkomfort, einer gemütlichen Sitzgelegenheit, genügend Stau- und Schrankraum, einem eigenen Badezimmer sowie vielem mehr ausgestattet. Alles möchten wir noch nicht verraten, nur soviel - so macht wohnen richtig Spaß! :-) 

Für das gesamte steht der Waschraum mit Wasch- und Trockenmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung. Ein gemeinsamer Treffpunkt ist das Team-Cafè mit offener Küche, einem supergemütlichen Sofa und einem großen TV. Im Sommer wird der meistgenutzte Bereich sicher der großzügige Innenhof sein. 

Einer für alle, alle für einen

Einer für alle, alle für einen

Arbeiten wo andere urlauben

Arbeiten wo andere urlauben

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"Beautiful hardware is quickly built. But having good employees who share and stand behind your philosophy, who are wholeheartedly committed to what you do, that's what makes for a really, really good hotel."

Marianne Daberer