Families and Children

We are fans of big holidays for little people. But let's clarify one thing up front - we are not a certified "child-friendly" hotel. Nonetheless, we believe all guests, big and small, can experience, learn and have lots of fun together. Including on their holidays. A holiday with the family rather than from the family. Shared experiences strengthen bonds. The glisten in your children's eyes just before an excursion. Sound familiar? Priceless? Learning and having fun. Being active together. Hand-in-hand. From high-ropes courses to family hikes. Carefree swimming in the Gail or cycling to break the course record. New sources of marvel every day anew. With the laughter of children.

Families welcome! We love to see kids at the daberer. Because we are a hotel that spans the generations. We love to see young and old getting along with each other. In other words, a holiday with the family, not from the family.

And because we have kids of our own, we know the things that families truly value

  • Children have lots of choices when it's time to eat. They are certainly welcome to order smaller dishes from our menu for grown-ups. But if ever that doesn't appeal, they can always turn to our kids' menu. They won't find French fries or Coke. Just for the record. But potatoes for sure, with a whole lot more flavor. Plus homemade ice cream. Strawberry, chocolate, etc. etc.

  • A child's "job" is to play. That's we have a playground in the garden, a sandbox, ball games. And inside the hotel, a playroom, books, board games,…

  • On dates when there are more children at our hotel (during the school holidays), two to three times a week we organize a daberer.kids.program lasting approximately 1 hour. It includes a forest adventure, crafting with natural materials, pizza baking as well as a group trip to a nearby farm. Naturally, parents are always welcome to come along.

  • A spa with children? Children are invited to use the spring.relaxation.bath at any time. The rest of the spa area is available to all guests ages 16 and older.

  • We are happy to make an exception. By arrangement, we are more than willing to reserve our forest.sauna in the morning just for families. Which gives parents and their children an opportunity to sauna together without having to keep ultra-quiet. (This is an exclusive offer for families with children. Please ask for details.)

  • You can leave a few things at home with a clear conscience – because we know how precious space in your car can be whenever you travel with kids. We are fully equipped, including bathrobes, cots/cribs, high-chairs, nappy-changing mats, a stepping stool for the bath, baby tubs, breastfeeding pillows, …