Awards for Excellence

Quality assurance for your holiday. The daberer has received multiple awards, something we are exceptionally proud of. 

Relax Guide 2021

18 points - 3 lilies. O-Ton-Relax-Guide: 

A hideaway for the mindful and sensitive: small, fine and absolutely coherent is how this family-run hotel presents itself, which has been committed to the organic idea for decades. Being close to nature is not a marketing concept here, but the philosophy of life of the hosts.

(source: Relax Guide 2021)

Green Toque 

Our cuisine has received the Green Toque for several years. "Dining establishments awarded the Green Toque set high standards – ecologically, health-wise, culinarily, socially and ethically. The focus is on regional and seasonal."

Slow Food Travel

Gailtal and Lesachtal are the world's first Slow Food Travel Region. As a member business, we commit ourselves to the Slow Food principles "good, clean, fair". As a certified Slow Food Travel lodging establishment, we offer you a regionally rooted to start out every day.


We have been awarded the EU Ecolabel and are committed to eco-friendly business practices. In our daily activities, we avoid wasting energy, water and other important resources. We continuously work to improve our quality and ecological footprint. In order to involve our employees to the greatest extent possible, we conduct ongoing training programs.

Carinthia -
pure zest for life

"The Carinthia Quality Seal is awarded to businesses who implement the Carinthian Quality Initiative in Tourism with commitment and motivation. 
Hosts in the region create an atmosphere of personal encounter and comfort accompanied by high service quality."


The Daberer lies in Gailtal. Before us the Carnic Alps. Behind us the Gailtal Alps. Here with us, you can hike year-round. With literally mountains of opportunities. That's also why we are members of Wanderhotels. Our 4 "Bergkristalle" stand for very good hiking quality with that extra-special  Daberer "something".

Austria Bio Garantie

Long before "organic" became fashionable, the daberer was already fully committed to organic principles back in 1978, since when it has continued to be a pioneer in the organic hotel business. For us, "organic" is a promise of quality. Everything is exceptional and transparent. Further underscored by organic certification awarded to us by Austria-Bio-Garantie.


"German Institute for Quality in Physiotherapy". In collaboration with Gabriele Kiesling, we have developed extraordinarily effective treatment concepts for you, with our employees receiving continuous professional training. Myofascial Treatment according to Gabriele Kiesling (diqp) was pioneered especially for our business. 

Carinthia Business Development

The Kärntner Förderemblem stands for commitment to one's own business, positioning of Carinthia as a business location and pride in the regional support which is received.

Pretty Hotels

Pretty Hotels is searching for the world's most beautiful places. For upscale hotels that are worth paying a visit to. Guests should always feel completely at home. Because a beautiful hotel is the key to a perfect trip. That's why we are incredibly happy that the daberer has now become a member of the Pretty Hotels family since 2020.


Deutsches Institut für Qualität in der Physiotherapie. In Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Gabriele Kiesling haben wir für Sie wirkungsvolle Behandlungskonzepte entwickelt und unsere Mitarbeiter langfristig und erfolgreich geschult. Die Myofasziale Behandlung nach Gabriele Kiesling (diqp) wurde speziell für unser Haus entwickelt. 

Kärnten - Lust am Leben

"Das Kärnten Qualitätssiegel erhalten UnternehmerInnen, welche die Anforderungen der Tourismus-Qualitätsinitiative Kärnten mit viel Engagement und Motivation umsetzen. 
Die GastgeberInnen schaffen in ihrem Betrieb in der Region eine Atmosphäre der Begegnung und des Wohlgefühls mit hoher Service- und Dienstleistungsqualität."


Der daberer liegt im Gailtal. Vor uns die Karnischen Alpen. Hinter uns die Gailtaler Alpen. Wandern können Sie bei uns das ganze Jahr über. Die Möglichkeiten sind bergeweise. Deshalb sind wir auch Mitgliedsbetrieb bei den Wanderhotels. Unsere 4 Bergkristalle stehen für sehr gute Wanderqualität mit dem gewissen Daberer-Etwas.