Gailtal front-row seat

The best location, the most beautiful nature

Die beste Lage

If we were racecar drivers, we would be in pole position. 

But actually, we are the exact opposite of that. Shifting down a gear, foot off the gas pedal, leaning back and taking a deep breath. That’s what we are all about here. On the forest’s edge, in our front-row seat above the 200-resident village of St. Daniel. An prime location, so to speak, sunny, undeveloped, with broad views across the valley and the Carnic Alps.

Delectably off the beaten track, the only road leading to us is the hotel driveway. Leaving a wonderful 24,000 m² exclusively for our guests here at our daberer.nature.resort. To be lazy, stroll, enjoy, explore. Meadows, herb and flower gardens, forests and brooks, small bridges and floating lounge chairs, a natural pond with barefoot path and sunbathing area, trout ponds and a footpath to our personal spring. All in all, the perfect base camp for adventurous expeditions into this, the most delectable corner of Carinthia - healthy, regional and tasty products are the basis for the daberer.culinary-enjoyment.


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