Lifestyle an affair of the heart

A hotel is a piece of home

It smells good. And it is bright. There is always someone there.   

It has the sound of home. Your home at the Daberer. A house with many favorite places. It begins the moment you arrive, as you take your first steps into the Standing with your feet on the carpet, your thoughts already float away into nature, the rays of sunlight twinkling through all the surrounding greenery. Strolling. Through the living room, touches of home, a stove and sofa or chair, magazine or newspaper, a game or perhaps a book from the - unforgettable impressions. A first glance at the shining Gailtal compass, following the routes with your finger, finding addresses, borrowing the maps you need. Arrive, chat, browse. Or simply gaze on one of the many artworks we have selected. 

A harmonious setting, colors, soft fabrics, wood flooring and furniture, an understated, refined natural style. Landscapes within the house itself. And single rooms, ranging from 14 m² to 19 m² as well as double rooms and family rooms that are each very different, ranging from 24 m² to 65 m². As diverse in character as the woods we use, all of which come from the region: oak, alder, larch or spruce, oiled, whitewashed or waxed. It smells of honey and the very breath of the wood.

Nature is important.​

It deserves respect.  

We support it through our technology, through our energy-efficient windows, providing light and warmth. As a nature hotel, we are oriented towards the south, allowing the power of the sun to assist us. And we literally sit right by the source: Every drop which comes out of the tap or which you find in our pool, is our own spring water, pure and rich in minerals. 

Continue to roam. Yet another 1200 m² of glorious spaces waiting to be discovered. Friendly hands in the, healing touches for the skin and soul, expertise, massages and fragrant oils, wellbeing. Warm spa robes, warm steam and gentle colored lights. Stretch out towards the light in the yoga room, stroll down meandering pathways to the Forest Sauna, to the Finnish sauna, pine-fragrance sauna, and splash delightfully in a natural plunge pool. Soft grass between your toes, sun on the tip of your nose, your hands buried deep in your spa robe. Searching for your favorite place, between meadow herbs, a natural pond and lavenders in bloom. Wellness is everywhere.

And then: time to tantalize your taste buds! Time for daberer.culinary.enjoyment. May we invite you to join us in our restaurant, with its Carinthian and Pforrna dining rooms, or – in the green season – out on the terrace. The dishes we serve, naturally, regional and seasonal, almost exclusively organic-certified, and sometimes also our own personal organic foods. The very finest products, in other words, from us as well as producers we know and trust.

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