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A kingdom for passionate cyclists

Ein Königreich für Pedalritter

Our suggestion: the R3 bike path from Kötschach-Mauthen to Villach 

50 kilometers of relaxed cycling without any significant climbs, alongside the Gail river, with bikes to borrow from us free of charge, or E-bikes for an additional charge.

Who wants to ride the same stretch of trail twice on their mountain bike? Especially when there are so many other choices: from Reisach up to the Jochalm (also site of a hut serving good food in the summer months), via Stelzing and Lanz to Laas, then up our local mountain, the Jauken (also home to a friendly hut), via Strajach and up across the Mussen, an area protected because of its beautiful flowers ... For mountain bikers, their own bike is more than just a bike. That’s we advise bringing it along with you.

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