Mountains of possibilities

The sky is blue, the sun is shining

Activities in all four seasons

Know the feeling? When every fiber of your body wants to head outdoors, where the sunlight tickles your nose and the pure mountain air fills your lungs? You see, we are indeed in “the most delectable corner of Carinthia”, from so many different perspectives. Being active here simply adds to the joy. In every season. The only difficult thing is deciding where to begin. Take a look.


We all love to go a wandering.

Cycling and mountain biking

A kingdom for passionate cyclists.

Running and nordic walking

With steps as light as a feather.

Fly fishing

Areas for passionate anglers.


Tee it up in just fifteen minutes.

More summer

Nature, our favorite place.


On the right track through the countryside.


Step-by-step through winter.


Two planks and lots of snow.

More winter

Daberer’s feeling for the snow.

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