The Daberer is looking for you, employment that makes you happy and gives you meaning

#hotelwiththebird … is looking for people who want to work with us in this astonishing location to offer people a great place to be. A good offer for everybody involved. For guests, for employees, for the family, as well as for the environment, the region and generations to come. That's what gives our work meaning. And that's why we love to work here.  

We are 44 employees in total. Our talents are diverse. As are our areas of responsibility. The team spirit is wonderful. We work, we laugh. We are delighted our guests are so happy. We love the incredibly positive feedback we receive. We develop. Steadily, always. There's no such thing as standing still. Sounds exciting. You'll think so, too. Go ahead and apply. We can't wait to hear from you and tell you more about the #hotelwiththebird. 

FaQs about working at the Daberer

We provide housing in our daberer.employee.quarters – right next to the hotel. Just a one-minute walk away. In 2014, we completely rehabbed a 200-year-old farmhouse incorporating ecological approaches. To contribute to preserving the authentic appearance of our community. It would have been a shame not to rejuvenate this beautiful building. Today, it features eleven high-quality units with private bath, Internet and TV (naturally) for daberer.employees. It accommodates apprentices as well as employees from farther afield. 

They are right there at the source. In our kitchen, we work with fresh, high-quality organic ingredients. Not just for our guests – for our employees, too. The same food. The same quality. How could we possibly do anything different.

We boast 44 Ages 16 to 56. From apprentices to employees of many years. A colorful mixture, but fundamentally a young, dynamic team. Divided into 6 departments. The reception, spa, kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping and engineering.

Naturally! We love to pass on our expertise and are always training apprentices. In the kitchen, in service, at the reception. We offer apprenticeships for aspiring cooks, restaurant, hotel and hospitality managers. We are also happy to support apprenticeships incorporated into high school diploma programs. 

Our job openings are posted farther down this page. We suggest sending us your application by email straight away. Don't see your dream job listed there? Not a problem. Blind applications are always welcome. A number of our current employees owe their jobs to having done precisely that. So, don't hesitate to write.

We offer something called A program for our daberer.employees. It includes professional team training and beyond, regional discovery tours, outdoor activities and group excursions. To strengthen cohesion and personal self-development. Every day, we create special experiences for our guests. Within the team context. It's fun and it motivates us. It also means we laugh together. A job that makes sense. Sharing the good life. From one person to another.

Because it makes sense! Because the daberer is a good place – for our employees, for our guests, for us as a family, for our suppliers and producers, and for the nature and region that surrounds us. Because we stand for sustainability, quality, authenticity and innovation. And not just since these values have become a commercially fashionable thing to put on everyone's business resume. These are themes that have occupied us for 40 years and are firmly anchored in our own corporate culture. In interacting with one another, mutual respect, laughter and joy as well as a good, motivating team spirit are important. All of this contributes to you being able to count on a good, healthy workplace that is guaranteed to be fun.

"Our work is diverse and interesting. Something you can invest yourself in completely. Working together to make improvements. Continuing to develop personally. Which makes every day something special. And very exciting."

Bianca, team.leader at the reception

You can join us immediately as a 

  • Sous chef (m/f)
  • Pâtissier (m/f)
  • Chef de rang (m/f)
  • Restaurant employee (m/f)
  • Masseur (m/f)
  • Cosmetician with massage skills (m/f)

Please send your application by email to

Even if your dream job isn't listed above, we would still love to hear from you. Interesting applications always catch our attention. So, don't hesitate!


Our house is closed until May 8, 2020. Our reception operates if possible. We process your emails and inquiries. It just takes a little longer than usual.

In order to give you planning security for your summer bookings, we have changed our cancellation policy and are now offering free, short-term cancellations.

See you soon at daberer

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