mehr bio.yogaretreat

mehr bio.​yogaretreat

Wir haben für mehr Yoga-Plätze gesorgt und veranstalten im Herbst ein zusätzliches bio.yogaretreat.

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motivierendes genussfasten

motivierendes genussfasten

Fasten. Gemeinsam. In der Gruppe. Welch ein Genuss. rundet das Programm ab.

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...die gibt es nur bei uns. Biozertifiziert. Im Naturbecken, Glasklares Bergwasser, In persönlicher ...

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der slow.​food.​herbst

Slow Food Travel ist rund um den daberer zuhause. Käsen, Butter rühren, Brot backen. Probieren Sie e...

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new - from 9th june 2017

World premiere slow food travel region

Delicious products by people for people

Regional. Appreciate, respect a land and the people who live there.

Seasonal. Understand and protect nature and its needs, in order to live sustainably with and from it. Organics and its diversity. Diversity in our very own ark of flavor, as well as allowing the ideas of others to grow. Organic – the world as it should be. 

With the help of our obstinate and off-the-wall local players, we have turned this delicious corner of Carinthia into the world’s first Slow Food Travel Destination! Stop by, watch and participate. And discover the flavor of slowness.

Here is a small excerpt from our organic ambassadors.​

  • San Giusto (organic coffee line)
  • Loncium (organic beer from the keg, and specialty beers by the bottle)
  • Steiner Lenzhof (bread, pasta, liver spreads, venison salami)
  • Edelgreissler Herwig Ertl (wine, Prosecco, fleur de sel, specialties)

  • Grünwald Gasthof & Farm (Carinthian noodles, bacon, milk, eggs)
  • Thomas Matitz (corn baguettes, Loncium baguettes, handmade rolls, bread – slow-food baked goods)
  • Sepp Brandstätter (white Gailtal corn)
    • Sissy Sonnleitner (Gailtal couscous)
    • Warmuth Family at the Bischofalm (hill cheeses, schotten curd cheese, butter)
    • Hubert and Barbara Zankl (cheese)
    • and much more

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    A brief timeout from the daily grind. A ...

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    skiing.with ...

    skiing.with ...

    Skiing minus the après-ski noise of the ...



    Organic wellness classic, a beneficial b...

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