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Some like to keep it real. Us, for example. And no doubt you, too. It’s good then, that our chef and the entire team share our opinion. So, now we can start talking about our kitchen, ingredients, cooking and food in general. The very heart of our philosophy. 

One thing to begin with: Enjoyment is always center stage. Even when it comes to our healthy and light dishes, and even when it comes to base fasting. Reflected in our daberer.culinary-enjoyment, in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Cooking is a craft. A masterful craft. That means, we make many things ourselves, from spreads to cakes. But also, that we run a modern kitchen, with a contemporary approach to technique, equipment and also our employees. Respect. Attentiveness. Fairness. Focus on quality.

That’s where our suppliers come into play. As an organic hotel, we purchase organic products exclusively. The only exception: a few products from the region that are not offered on the market as organic-certified. We know all of the people who stand behind these products personally, and we are a founding member of the Alps-Adriatic Slow Food Convivium.

That’s why we are happy to think beyond the surrounding mountaintops and the edge of our plates, serve many vegetables, occasionally forego a filling side dish, bring new aromas and wild herbs into play. And suitably in addition – our fresh springwater from our own spring or exquisite wines from surrounding organic vintners. A sensual delight for the taste buds. So that our guests can enjoy the flavors of our region and the changing seasons.

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