alles bleibt besser

alles bleibt besser

NEU. Seit 9. Juni 2017. Der neue daberer. Wohnlich. Individuell. daberer.typisch.

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der slow.​food.​herbst

Slow Food Travel ist rund um den daberer zuhause. Käsen, Butter rühren, Brot backen, ....

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...die gibt es nur bei uns. Biozertifiziert. Im Naturbecken, Glasklares Bergwasser, In persönlicher ...

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berge geben mir berge

berge geben mir berge

Wir lieben unsere Natur und die Gebirge rund um den daberer. Die schönsten Almen, Seen und Gipfel. W...

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new - from 9th june 2017

For something special

Our sauna stands in the forest

Our Forest Sauna is a treasure chest. In the forest. Via two bridges. Nature makes the music. The gentle wind rustles softly. In the evening, it is even more beautiful. Lanterns are lit. Candles burn. Everything is lovingly prepared. You are expected. The log cabin is reserved for you. Just the two of you. Private spa à la Daberer. A spa suite like this, you will never find in a wellness hotel. A hand-stirred honey peel awaits. You have the sauna all to yourself. The relaxation room, the open-air terrace, the plunge pool.

Everything included for a romantic evening.

An exclusive Forest Sauna Evening for two
lasts 2,5 hours  |  Price € 36,00 per person


Enjoyment is something to be celebrated

On the main square in Kötschach stands a stage for pure enjoyment. The Edelgreisslerei of Herwig Ertl. A nomad of the culinary world, always searching for the best products from the Alps-Adriatic region. A business that might just as easily stand in Paris or London. We are simply happy that’s not the case here. Celebrated delectation as a kind of finger-food. Combinations you are not acquainted with in a form such as this. Out-of-the-box and unconventional. Served at a big oak table. Accompanied by exciting wines and Herwig’s charming, gushing exuberance for his producers and all they do. You couldn’t possibly immerse yourself any more, or better, in this delectable corner of Carinthia. Here, you are at the source!

Celebrated delectation with accompanying wines
lasts about 1,5 hours  |  Price € 30,00 per person
(from 2 persons)


Through the valley with two horse-power

The horses lead the way, followed by the carriage driver and then you. Oswald Daberer, the cousin of the senior Daberer, Willi, drives the carriage. He is a farmer and has lots to tell.

About the valley and its people. About earlier times and today. He will take you along paths you would otherwise never have discovered. Slowly and leisurely. Moments that have become all too rare in these fast-paced times of ours.

Horse-drawn carriage ride for two
lasts about 1,5 hours  |  Price € 30,00 per person


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