alles bleibt besser

alles bleibt besser

Passend zum Frühling erwacht der daberer im neuen Kleid. Wir bauen neue Lieblingsplätze für Sie!

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der slow.​food.​sommer

Slow Food Travel ist rund um den Daberer zuhause. Käsen, Butter rühren, Brot backen, ....

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...die gibt es nur bei uns. Biozertifiziert. Im Naturbecken, Glasklares Bergwasser, In persönlicher ...

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berge geben mir berge

berge geben mir berge

Wir lieben unsere Natur und die Gebirge rund um den daberer. Die schönsten Almen, Seen und Gipfel. W...

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new - from 9th june 2017

Invigorated families

Big holidays for little people

We plead for holidays “with” the family rather than away “from” the family. We are not a certified child-friendly hotel, but we do believe that big and small can experience, learn and have great fun together. With physical activities at the very top of the list. From high-ropes courses to hikes out to a family-friendly farm, from summer alpine coasters to swimming in the Presseggersee or the Gail, from cycling to archery. Every day with something new and marvelous to experience.

There are so many arguments for a

  • daberer.culinary.enjoyment (breakfast.lunch.dinner) – children also get to choose from our special kids’ menu. They won’t find the tired classics such as fries and a Coke. Instead, there are potatoes that actually taste of something. Or our kids’ all-time favorite – homemade strawberry ice cream.

  • A child’s job is to play. That’s why we have a playroom with painting wall, lots of board and parlor games, a playground outdoors, sand box, ball- and throwing games, …

  • Our Forest Sauna is there just for you. Upon request, we are happy to reserve our exquisite log cabin in the forest for families with children. In this way, parents and children can enjoy a shared sauna experience, without having to take into consideration other guests’ needs for personal peace & quiet.
  • Bake herbal breads, forest experiences, and crafts with natural materials. During holiday periods, two or three times a week we offer a lasting 1-2 hours.

  • Holidays with children mean holidays with lots of luggage. But some of that you can leave at home with a clear conscience, since we have made the necessary preparations ourselves and offer you: bathrobes, cribs/cots, chairs, changing mats, bathroom stools, nursing pillows, …